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24 Carrots

Pure juice and raw food loaded with flavor

Artificial ingredients and sugar are the nemeses of healthy eaters everywhere. At 24 Carrots they believe that what you leave off the menu is just as important as what you put on it. That means “yes” to ripe seasonal fruits, organic flours, and fresh vegetables, and “no” to fat, sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives. Their menu challenges the boundaries of conventional vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Even the packaging is made from sustainable, compostable resources or recyclable materials. The menu changes weekly, but includes a daily hummus plate, soup of the moment, salads, and plenty of raw food and gluten-free offerings. Breakfast is served Tuesday through Sunday and includes both sweet and savory menu items like vegetable scrambles, carrot cake pancakes, French toast, and Quinoa & Oats. Of course, there is a selection of whole food fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices. 24 Carrots’ philosophy of mindful eating extends beyond recipe creation and into its sourcing. Their ingredients come from farms that use environmentally conscious principles, and they support the local farming community. Eating at 24 Carrots is good for the body and the soul.

  • Weekly-changing menu including hummus, vegan “bacon” and other favorites
  • Brunch served daily until 11:30 a.m. and all day on weekends
  • Fan of gluten-free desserts? They’re baked fresh daily

24CARROTSJUICE.COM, 1701 E. GUADALUPE RD., 480.753.4411

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