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Well & Being at Willow Stream

Innovative fusion of spa and wellness

Well & Being Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is a spa, yes, but that’s just the tip of the relaxation iceberg. It’s also a topnotch fitness center, hair and nail salon, a place for holistic healing and an all-out relaxation zone—a “one-stop shop” for all your health, wellness, beauty, fitness and stress reduction needs. The ultimate spa experience at Well & Being starts in the fitness center. Experience Aerial Hammock Yoga (yes, as in suspended) or Surfset Fitness (yes, as in on a moving surfboard) and truly jump out of your comfort zone. That is when the magic starts to happen, after all. With your mind free of expectation and distraction, you’re primed to soak in all the inspiring amenities: There’s the warm Jacuzzi, ice bath, Swiss shower, steam room and hot sauna to invigorate your circulation, plus the eucalyptus inhalation room, co-ed Jacuzzi grotto waterfall and rooftop pool with a view (hello McDowell Mountains!). It’s 44,000 square-feet of serenity! The treatment menu is just as impressive, with massages and body scrubs mixed with acupuncture and reiki. Must try: the Havasupai Falls Rejuvenation, a three-in-one treatment that combines the benefits of a full body exfoliating and purifying scrub, warm herbal infused bath and stone massage followed by an incredible warm herb infused oil stream over your forehead (third eye chakra) to induce a deep state of pure relaxation. And did we mention it has the best spa boutique in the city! The goal is to arrive, unwind and leave fully energized, enlightened and empowered, which isn’t too tough given the chill-out tools at hand

  • Located at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
  • Savor time in the eucalyptus inhalation room
  • Enjoy access to fitness center and all fitness classes, like aerial hammock yoga



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