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Doughbird Pizza & Rotisserie

Everyone’s favorite restaurant genius has added a new concept to his collection; Doughbird Pizza and Rotisserie is Sam Fox’s latest creation. Like every other Fox Restaurant Concepts, you feel the difference when you walk in. Doughbird’s rustic and warm environment is the perfect place to enjoy a meal when craving something savory. The menu came to by taking the standard crowd favorites, pizza and chicken, and giving them a colorful and flavorful twist. Menu items include crispy pastrami pizza with gruyere cheese and free-range rotisserie chicken served with house-made sauces like chipotle barbeque or a delicious jalapeño pesto. These dishes paired with signature sides like brussels sprout and kale and cauliflower mash will leave every person dining satisfied and blissful. foxrc.com/nso/doughbird.

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